Who are we?

At Industry Jewels we transform concrete into jewels. We have recast our passion for this material into a unique and unconventional technology for processing it.

Before everything else was the challenge. The challenge to create a jewel using a material that at first glance would seem so unpromising.  But we were resolved to meet it. And so we managed to give concrete a form, enhance its inherent virtues and transform it into a jewel.

Over the winter of 2014/2015, we shut ourselves up in our workshop and did not emerge until we had succeeded in creating a unique concrete mixture technology. Thanks to this technology our jewels are not only light, water-resistant and beautiful to the eye, but compared to other similar products are also affordable.

In autumn 2015 we were able to present our first two collections of concrete earrings: the minimalist GECON collection from ultra-light concrete mixture and GECON PRINT earrings made from printed concrete. We are currently preparing new collections for you.