About concrete jewellery

Concrete is perhaps an unexpected material for making jewels – but all the more interesting for it. Take a look at the way we transform this crude matter into original adornments.

At the heart lies a special concrete mixture

This is incredibly light and simultaneously resilient. We developed it ourselves. To make it we use white Danish cement and graded quartz-sand. We then treat our pieces with a special coating to repel water, which means you can go out in the rain or enjoy a swim without worrying about damaging your earrings.

Cured original

Each jewel is hand-poured into a form from which it is not removed until at least 24 hours later. We then leave the casting to harden for about 30 days in order for the concrete to cure and develop maximum hardness. The next step is to polish it by hand, clean it, and in some cases apply a printed design. The final phase involves completing the jewellery item by hand so that it becomes a unique and original artefact.

Light and allergen free

Concrete jewellery is not only surprisingly light (our earrings weigh between 0.2 and 2 grams), but also concrete is itself completely natural and hypoallergenic. The metal posts and fastenings are manufactured from surgical steel, which protect the ears and are also completely without allergens.  Joins are glued with resin, which has a great lifespan and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Under water and back out again

Because our jewels are treated with a special coating to ensure they are water-resistant, you can go out in the rain or jump in the pool without having to worry. The coating is permeable, which means that although the jewel may darken when wet, it will later dry out in a few hours and regain its original colour. Be careful, however, not to drop your jewellery onto a hard floor. Concrete is very strong, but like ceramics it is also brittle. Such a fall may cause a corner to chip off.

Delivered to you in a revolutionary jewellery case

If you order some jewellery from our e-shop we will deliver it to you in a highly original concrete box.  This will not only protect your purchase during transit, it also makes a radical jewellery case. You can replace your jewellery inside whenever it is not being worn. Every pair of earrings from our shop comes with two types of fastening – push-on clips made of surgical steel and silicone backs. You can try them on and see which suit you best.  If you order from our e-shop and pick up your purchase at a parcel collection point, you also get free delivery - right across the Czech Republic.