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    Hexagon-shaped concrete earrings with color print. Color graphics is extremely abrasion-resistant. "Hex Color" is a tiny piece of jewelry, from wall-to-wall earrings are only 1.25 cm wide. They are very decent, yet disruptive piece of accessory. Body of earrings and the print are water-resistant.

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  • 1 100 Kč

    The circular design of Circle PRINT earrings is enhanced with a geometric print that will spark the fantasy and imaginations of those around you. Can be worn with confidence on formal occasions and for more laid-back encounters. Circle PRINT concrete earrings are light, water-resistant and allergen free.

    1 100 Kč
  • 1 900 Kč

    Stylish, handcrafted cufflinks are a real styling that should not be missed in the wardrobe of a true gentleman. The precision-made fastening is cast from silver and the body of the knob is made of anthracite-high-strength concrete, printed with silver pattern. Design and materials used are designed for maximum impact resistance or abrasion resistance.

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  • 2 750 Kč

    Unique selection of the best we have. Three best-selling models for a good price. Elegant black & gold earrings Golden S, Delicate and understated earrings Hexagon PRINT and Hexagon COLOR. All together a mandatory equipment of a modern lady. All earrings are water-resistant and allergen free.

    2 750 Kč
  • 990 Kč

    Concrete earrings in this six-sided design immediately strike one as being audacious and yet surprisingly elegant. Their matchless shape and structure will make you the star of every party. "Hexagon" concrete earrings are light, water-resistant and allergen free.

    990 Kč
  • 1 250 Kč

    Combination of anthracite concrete and golden graphics. Probably the most elegant combination you can imagine. Both, concrete and golden printing, are very stable, water- and abrasion resistant. Earrings are available in two sizes. Each pair comes in special gift box.

    1 250 Kč